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How to design a website

A fully comprehensive step by step tutorial, from design to HTML & CSS.

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If you go to and search for “website tutorial”, “website design tutorial”, “how to design a website”, chances are you won’t be able to find a result that will take you from the beginning of the design process, to the end of the html process. And that is exactly what I’m going to do in this elaborate design tutorial, and for free! Also check out my new article how to make a website at my other site after you finish reading this.

Not only am I going to cover every step in detail, but also provide the reasoning and principles behind the decisions I make. Other design tutorials out there only focus on the instruction aspect, but to truly become a better designer you have to understand the principles and concepts that go into effective website design. All of these principles will help you understand how to make a website.

I have over 8 years design experience (web and print) and to give back to the community I started these design tutorials. I know how difficult it is when you really want to design a great looking site, but simply have no idea where to start because of the huge lack of quality tutorials. I would have figured 8 years down the road there would be a lot of great sources from which to learn, but there simply isn’t. So I guess I will try to provide a great source that many people can find value in. Also, feel free to read my free guide about how to make money online.

The Project :

I figured since I’m going to be taking the time out to write an elaborate tutorial, I might as well try to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. So I thought of an idea for a website that I thought was somewhat unique, that I could potentially make a buck or two off of. I came up with, and it is the site that I will be documenting in this tutorial. It’s a simplistic web 2.0 design, but both looks great and is very easy to use and understand.

The idea behind the site is to provide a service that allows designers / webmasters receive quality feedback and reviews about their websites, in order to make improvements - and ultimately increase earning potentials. In order to post your website for review, you have to either (a) review X number of sites, or (b) pay $X to skip the process of reviewing other sites.This has been done before, but not successfully. There are webmaster forums that have forums designated specifically for website review and critiquing, but having a full site dedicated to is far more ideal in terms of review/feedback quality and accuracy.

Website Design Principles

Many webmasters wish they could design great looking sites, but simply can’t. They’ve given it a few attempts, but either due to lack of application knowledge (with apps like photoshop), or lack of “artistic talent”, they give up. And that’s fine, because it keeps the market for design healthy! ;) But no, it really doesn’t have to be like that. If you’re an aspiring designer, there are a few key principles that I want to outline first. They are what helped me through my path to becoming a good designer, and they should help you too if you follow them.

I could probably go on a little bit, which I will cover in future articles but I’m probably boring most of you by now :). So let us get started with the actual design portion of the tutorial.

The Design Process ->