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Every client that orders a logo is given the option to write a testimonial. These are all real testimonials given by real clients.

There are 139 testimonials

Absolutely great experience! Everything was finished the same day I ordered the logo, and it looks amazing - exactly what I wanted. -

NICE!! I had a hard time putting into words what I wanted, and he took a look at the site and knew exactly what to design. I will definitely be a returning customer. -

I have always been impressed with Garys design work, which is why I keep coming back. -

You cant beat the quality you get for this price, he could easily charge a couple hundred. -

Gary Simon I LOVE YOU!! hah, No, but seriously great work! -

Quite possibly one of the best logos I have ever seen for a weight lifting site. I love it! -

Won a logo contest I entered! :) -

I wanted a unique logo and that is exactly what I got, impressed. - anonymous

I had several designers attempt this logo because it's very important to me. I'm using Gary's hands down. I was very specific with how I wanted this to turn out and he hit it to a T. I recommend him to everyone. - anonymous

*Jaw Drops* SWEET -

Very sleek and stylish, I love it. -

Gary did a great job! I gave him very little to go on and he somehow came up with exactly what I was looking for. He will definitely be recommended. -

Gary was great to work with and very quick to respond. Thanks so much! - RP -

Thank you again for a wonderful job. The reason I choose to order from you was because of the great information you had on designing logos. I too produce my own training videos but I train bankruptcy software. I do the same thing you do. I walk people through the software. I admire your work and I hope you continue producing good training videos. Not many people do what we are doing. Victoria Ring, http://www.713Training.Com -

The logo Gary has done is superb and was exactly what I was looking for. He was very easy to work with, logo was done as fast as promised and the overall experience was excellent. Strongly recommended and I will definitely be ordering some more logos. -

I left very poor instructions on what I wanted because honestly I didn't know. The first logo that was produced I loved, but my business partner wasn't a fan of. So I asked Gary to do a second version. It was great as well! This guy is very easy to work with and doesn't mind doing revisions - even for annoying guys like me. Thanks! -

We asked for it, and we got it! Gary paid attention to our input, and we feel like the final logo represents the vision of our company. GREAT JOB! -

Gary did a great job on the design of our logo. I am extremely picky and he was very efficient and accomodating to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a logo! -

I'm very happy with the results. Gary wants it to look good just as much as you do. The company I worked for 5 years ago hired a design firm for over $10,000 to design a corporate identity (a new logo on stationary, business cards, etc). Gary's work is at least as good. -

I really like the Logo style from Gary. They look very modern and professional. I am sure I will purchase more logos from him. -

Swift and professional service. Gary's creativeness provides surprising results and adds wings to your ideas for the most affordable price you can get. Within 24hours you get a logo any big enterprise would be proud of. And when you need to launch your site in shortest time possible, this is crucial. Highly recommendable. - -

Gary was able to take a simple request and turn it into something powerful and truly professional. -

Gary Simon is an incredible graphic designer. He stands by 100% of his work and will not stop until the client is satisfied. I look forward to working with Gary in the future for all my graphic design needs. Michael Walker Principal Consultant MEW Consulting -

The design totally represents my organization's mission. Thank you for a awesome job Gary La Joy Walker Creator of -

Thanks Gary. Excellent idea with the mouse cutting into the letters. Simple and Professional looking. Also enjoy the interface we can interact with on your site. Thanks for being so quick to complete it. -

After weeks of searching for a good logo designer, I was pleased to find this site: Gary turned my brief into reality and designed me a great logo for my company. The process for me was so easy and straight forward to do, so thank you. As I loved the logo so much I have also got Gary to design my Icons....excellent Many Thanks Zoe Neverland Parties (UK) -

Gary has talent and an eye for design, something I wish I had !! -

Gary made a fab job. After some confusing information from my side, he turned my ideas into something realy cool in amazing short time. I give him a tripple A and suggest you to use his service if you need your logo done new or if you need any kind of logo for your business. Christina Wespi. -

I really appreciated the concise work and prompt responses from Gary. Great job on the logo! You have a top notch workflow system from start to finish. Thanks again, Jon Winters -

Thank you for the quick turnaround, the logo is just what I had in mind. -

Thank you so much for the fast work and at a very reasonable price. I am always skeptical about using a new company for work but you cam recommended and I am so glad that I chose to use for our logo. Kudos to you for an awesome job! -

Look no further for your design needs, Gary is top shelf. I gave him a little information on what I thought I wasnted and let him use his own genius to make me something I could be proud to display. Gary has a gift for taking a few words and turning it into a logo that will dazzle you. His web site is one of the best and easiest to navigate. Thanks Gary. Jared Gordin -

It was hard for me to tell what exactly I want in my logo. But the final output he came up with, was better than my imagination. Thank you gary!~! -

Wow! Gary took two rambling paragraphs of vague descriptions of what I wanted conveyed in the logo, and condensed it into a simple design that said it all. I'm absolutely amazed! Even after reading all the positive testimonials, I still wondered if I would like the final logo. There was no need to wonder, it's awesome!! Gary has my unreserved recommendation. :) -

Brilliant Design! It was done fast with no fuss, even though his own wedding was only days away! Thanks Gary. -

Thanks for the amazing experience, Gary! The logo works great with my guitar blog's new layout. And I still can't get over the combination of quality, fast turnaround and low price. - Rob -

Gary produced a logo for our company in record time and to such a high standard. Absolutely amazing. -

Yet again Gary has produced an exceptional piece of work. -

In one word...AWESOME! I have had several logos made for dfferent websites over the years and Gary nailed it in the first shot! -

Great logo, thanks Gary. -

Gary Simon = quick, professional, and bigtime. -

To say the least, we are very happy with the service and how easy it was working with Gary, we will be recommending his services! He took our concepts and turned them into reality. Great Work Gary!!! -

Work was completed super fast and the online interaction works really well. Robert - -

Gary did a terrific job creating our logo. I had a vague idea about what I wanted and he produced something that was perfect. To get these results for what he's charging is truly a bargain! -

A job well done! Fast turn around time and stellar logo creation, an excellent combination! -

How he do this ?? I was sitting hours and days before the pc and got no idea. He needs one day and creates a perfect logo. very satisfied. Thanks Gary -

Using Gary to design my logo has proved to be a fantastic choice. I gave him some basic info on what I had considered for my logo and he excelled in his final design concept. Truly amazing, I am very pleased, and would not hesitate to use Gary again. His website/account management is such a great idea and provides instant contact for his clients. I had my logo really quickly and Gary responds to comments with great speed. What a great experience. Thanks so much!! Col -

Gary did a wonderful job with my logo. It was simple and easy too! In about 2 sentences I told him what I visioned and in no time he came up with the perfect logo for my small business. Great job Gary! -

Gary Simon took our business to the next level with his inventive and artistic ability in the designing of our company's logo. Gary was quick with his work and wasted no time in responding to our questions, giving us an absolutely pleasurable experience. We have recommended his services to numerous associates and will continue to do so. We look forward with doing business with Gary again. -

Gary converted our thoughts into a great logo in a timely and professional way. It was a great experience all in all. Thanks for a fantastic job Gary! - (not in service yet)

All I can say is WOW, Gary is someone you want to deal with with all your Logo needs, he is quick and efficient and has a great imaginition. It was quick and easy and he knew exactly want I wanted. I will be coming back soon. Cheers -

Designing and building websites takes up most of my time, but when it come to trying to rebrand my company i didn't have the time, i didn't really know what i wanted either. Gary took my short brief and created a very relative and professional logo in a style that fits all aspects of my company. Thanks Gary -

Very happy with the result. Gary did a great job interpreting what I wanted and designed something original. Thanks Gary. -

I gave Gary a fairly thorough "feel" of what our organization was about, and he did a fantastic job of making a visible representation of. Awesome logo, Gary. Thanks! -

I asked gary to design me something that looked stylish and suited my company. I was asbsoloutely bowled over when I saw the finished product. Gary Simon is truly an absoloutely fantastic graphics designer, and I would not hesitate for one second to come back to him in the future. Thomas Gray Solix Creative - Further Development Manager -

Very recommended experience! If you need a logo, don't look anymore. You are in the correct place! Gary, Many thanks for your fast and nice logo. -

Love the logo, simple and elegant -

My second logo done by another very well done logo! -

Helpful, professional, and FAST! Thank you! -

Because of pretty tight briefing the completion of the design took longer than expected. But I have to admitt that my requests where specific and a bit complicated. The change requests where implemented quick and to the point. I'm satisfied with the result. Good work! -

Working with Gary has been a great experience. I had a good idea of the image I wanted and Gary has been great to work with to bring it to life! Thanks so much, Sejel -

Thanks Gary, I really love my new logo and I will be sure to send more work your way in the future! Kim Maryland-Body Love -

Just saw that you refunded...thank you for handling it. -

You are indeed a brilliant designer. How on earth you get it right first time is amazing. I have tried to do a logo myself - and I concider myself not bad at it, but it takes me too long to do and I dont get the WOW factor like I did when seeing the one you did for me in 24hours. Many thanks. Alan. -

Gary essentially reed my mind on the kind of logo I was looking for - it's simple, elegant, professional, with just enough edge to make it something really unique. Thank you and I will definitely be back as my biz requires more work!! - Sarah Sterling -

I was extremely impressed with my logo and I will definitely recommend Gary Simon to my friends. A Professional Logo at a reasonable price. Mike Richardson -

Gary Simon has to be one of the greatest graphics designers today. I gave him a description of a vision I had in my head and he was spot on! He also finished the logo 2 days ahead of schedual. I would recommend to anyone that is considering having their logo done by a professional to do themselves a favor and use Gary. Rob -

I had a few vague ideas about what I wanted, and what I didn't want - Gary took that and in a few days came up with a logo and the basis for my whole brand. It looked completely different from anything I'd imagined, but was exactly what I wanted. Great service, friendly communications, fantastic value for money! Look no further, Gary's your man! - -

This was the first time that I used Gary's services, and after I seen the results I can tell it wont be the last time. Eunwha, -

I ordered a logo one day and received it the next. I told Gary what business I was in and left it to him and it was great! If you need a logo, this is the place to get one. -

I would recommend Gary to anyone looking for a creative and professional logo. You cannot beat the price, especially considering the turn around time. If you provide him with a vision...he can make it a reality. Thank you so much. -

It's always a bit of a risk trying out a new designer, but I was definitely very happy with the results Gary provided. The logo looks fantastic and it was completed in a very short amount of time. I intend to use him again in the future. Jake -

Gary was amazing at creating the logo for our new company. He conceptualized an idea which blew us away, and was able to make deftly make any adjustments we decided to make, unmake and make again. He was professional, quick and top notch in finished product. We'd recommend him to anyone! -

Gary did a great job, just like everyone said he would. It is so hard to find a good designer, hopefully he doesn't get too much work from all the testimonials as we'll need him again. -

Gary's design was exactly what we were hoping for in our logo - he met and exceeded our expectations! Thank you!!! -

The turn around from placement of order to final product was amazing. My feedback was definitely reflected in Gary's work and I am very happy with the results. I will surely be using Gary's services for future logo designs. -

This was my first experience using a graphic designer and I feel lucky to have literally stumbled upon Gary's website during my research. He is truly a talented artist with incredible vision and I'm recommending him to anyone I know who needs graphics! -

I gave a pretty obscure description of what I had in mind. My logo needed to portray a couple of ideas in a glance. When I received the initial design 24 a day later, it was exactly what I was picturing in my mind. Gary is scary-good. Seems to be a mind reader. Thank you for a great job and an incredibly quick turn-around. Gary Dean Smith (Lone Lee) -

After looking at Gary's portfolio, decided to try out his services and the experience was better than expected. Gave him some random musings and he came back with something truly great and within 24 hours! Still awed at the quality and speed at which he works. Great job! -

"...I wasn’t expecting to hit a home run the first try. This guy is good!" -

Worth every penny! I provided the concept and mock-up, Gary did a great job exceeding my expectations. I'll be working with Gary again! -

my first design was done very quickly thankyou Gary! -

Gary provides a quick and simple logo development solution for small business owners trying to package their brand. -

I've watched all of Gary's tutorials, and have followed his work for some time now. When I decided it was time for a refresh of my corporate identity, there were a few names on my short-list and Gary was the first of them. I filled out the creative brief (and even chatted with him online for a bit... what a great guy!) and the initial concept he provided me was spot on. He took not only the information I provided but also read between the lines to see the true vision of the identity for my business. Amazing turn-around time, incredible concept right off the bat, and very wallet-friendly prices. Gary Simon NAILED it! I several other projects in the works that will require logos, and Gary's now the ONLY name on my list! Thanks Gary! -

Gorgeous! It turned out better than I ever could have imagined. Matches my website perfectly. Thanks! Will definately come back. -

Gary does exceptional work, he provided a unique logo according to our liking, and we had the logo in no time at all! -

Gary was fast, friendly, and created exactly what I had in mind. Thanks! -

Awesome job, very imaginative. The website makes the whole process painless too! Great service. -

Good job...great design -

kept working with me till he was able to produce what I needed. I will use again. -

Great job and very quick! I appreciate the updates from Gary as the project moved along. He took an idea and made an awesome logo for my business! I'll definitely recommend him to my peers and I'll use him again when I upgrade my logo! Laura Mendez, RN, WHCNP -

wow, i cant believe it, i have a visual copy of my thoughts :)) love your work, many thanks - -

As advertised! Solid design work, quick turnaround, fantastic value! -

The purchasing process of the logo was not so user friendly for me...someone who is computer illilerate....but the final product was amazing!!! If a friend did not recommend this site....I would have been turned off at the onset. I encourage you to explain the purchasing process....creating an account before purchasing the logo...a little better so you don't turn away business. Thanks again for my awesome design...I love it!!! -

Gary Simon is one of the most talented designers that I've ever seen. I could never imagine my logo in this original way that he saw it. Thank you! -

We are really, really happy with our logo. Once he got started it was done in a blink of an eye. The logo he created for us is amazing. We can totally see it on future post cards, buttons, and other promotional products and giveaways. We highly recommend He’s fast, very affordable and the quality of his work is incredible. Thank you so much, -

I knew Gary was extremely talented from his portfolio, but I was not aware of how patient and thorough he is. Taking the time to help me find the right logo and work through several revisions really impressed me. I highly recommended his services. -

Excellent Service! Very helpful!! Gary Simon is the answer for all your design needs! - is a great resource and the experience has been great. Even though it took a few revisions, Gary was patient and able to visualize what I wanted even though my inability to articulate was not necessarily helpful. Thanks Gary!!! I will use your services again. -

I was somewhat nervous to view the completed design, however when I did I was pleasantly surprised. With the minimal direction included in my order it is amazing how the logo came out (without any revisions) perfectly. I am now extremely confident in Gary Simons work and would like to continue to a business card design and later a website. -

Effect, simple design. Plus, the project was completed in super quick time. Great work! - (yet to be built)

Gary did an AMAZING JOB. We have been looking for a professional designer for months and none of them seemed to have the skills that Gary had. The price was also unbeatable. This guy knows what he is doing!!! I recommend and hope to be back soon! -

I had attempted to come up with my own logo design and really struggled on something that was clean and concise. While searching the internet for ideas and help, I stumbled across Gary's site. I saw the variety of logos he had created and the quality of their appearance so I figured I would see where he could take my ideas. He was able to incorporate my key ideas and developed a quality logo. Gary did a great job! Thanks again! -

Gary was a tremendous help. He designed a logo for my business and it turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined. This guy is a Treasure!!!! -

I looked through Gary's portfolio and was impressed with his design's. I had him do my logo for my music site and was totally impressed with what he came up with. I will definitely be working with Gary for my future projects. Thanks again Gary. Joe -

Gary did really great logo of our company. He has sharp feeling of client's preferences and he is not afraid to offer you modern concept of your own thoughts. -

Gary has an amazing talent which is displayed in all of his work, I would recommend him to anyone looking to get their branding recognised. Thanks Again Gary, Keep up the good work -

Awesome logo, awesome experience! I look forward to working on my next logo. Thanks again! R. Wagner, relearnit,inc. -

Great designs, fast turnaround and unbelievable price. What more can you ask for -

Fantastic service. I wouldnt use anyone else to do any logo designs. After seeing how Gary makes his logos with his tutorials made me understand he is a true designer who can grasp a vision and with his own creativity can create something brilliant. Im very happy and am glad i found this website. -

I gave him my website and not much more information to go on. The logo could not have came out any better than what it did. Thanks a ton! -

I needed a logo for recent project when I decided to conduct a procurement activity on the web. I found Gary Simon's site and I liked the results of his previous projects. After seeing the result on my new logo I know we will do business again soon. - - I'm rewritting the site rewriting - please see

This was really great! In very short time Gary was able to create a logo that shows the meaning of our web-community. We all are very pleased! Thanks Gary, and I have no doubt, next time I need a logo I'll come back! Roxana Larranaga Netherlands -

When was the last time you felt happy like a little child? I had that feeling when Gary sent me logo. I gave him short description and was very affraid if he will understand me. But it was like he red my mind! Gary thanks once again! -

Gary did a fantastic job for us. We had a "feel" for what sort of logo we wanted, but we didn't have a vision of what it might look like. I sent Gary a concept of what I wanted the logo to demonstrate, and he put it together beautifully. A few changes, and it was a done deal. Gary went out of his way to make this customer happy. I definitely recommend getting your logo done through this site. - -

Gary here’s a deep thankful bow for the design you created for us. Could not believe what we saw when looking at the logo. Wow, awesome where among the primary reactions. Splendid just what we where looking for came second. You can safely state the where happy with your work. Please feel free to ad this comment to your impressive list of testimonials. Thanks for a job well done! Michel & Patrick Dutch Vision Solutions -

Wow! What can I say? I give the name and choose some colors and Gary just comes up with this concept that simply has me floored.. This is AMAZING! -

What fantastic service the logo was better than I imagined that it would be and we will be using Gary again for clients work, thanks for a speedy job well done Nick Porter CoolCactus web design -

Gary has a natural ability to understand what his clients want without even seeing a sketch. His first concept of my logo was right on and this greatly reduced the time we spent on revisions. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Gary! -

Excellent, why didn't I do this years ago? Great Logos! -

1st try was a winner! Thanks Gary! -

Gary did a great job. Thanks Gary! - (not up yet)

Gary is an excellent artist and I would recommend for all of your design needs. I was very happy with the outcome of finished product. Great platform to send in revisions and to view. Sweet and simple. -Dee -

Gary, thank you so much for the fantastic job you did on creating our logo, we are extremely satisfied with the result. Your expertise and attention to detail translated our abstract ideas into a clear, and unique concept and we appreciate it! -

I am amazed at the quality, creativity, and quick turn around of this logo. It's everything I was looking for. Gary is a very talented designer. I highly recommend him. -

Its great how fast and good Gary did his job: We provided him some infos and he turned them into a really great logo. The first shot was so brilliant, that no revision was needed. Thank you Gary! -

Very satisfied customer. I gave Gary freedom to be creative and create a logo and I was not dissapointed! Will be back for some more;) Gary Beale -

Gary was great, he designed two logos for me and I'll be back for more! -

So glad we found your site. Thanks for a great design and making the process so easy! - (being revised)

With little information, Gary put out a design beyond my imagination. A direct hit with my logo. You get it and I will recommend you to my buddies. -

we ordered a logo from after having a bad experince with another logo designer, and all what we can say is " Thank you Gary" keep up the good work!! - RECTAFINALRADIO.COM

I am very happy with my logos but next time I will give Gary creative freedom to capture the image on his own without being too specific about what I am looking for, besides the basic brief. Much more exciting to let him come up with his own interpretation without setting too many parameters. Thank you Gary. -

Blown away. The logo captures everything we are about and we are super excited. Lance -

Gary, I am very pleased. I didn't know how you were going to be able to make "Law Office of..." into a cool logo, but it looks great. Thanks. - - not created yet

I designed the first version myself. But Gary just gave it that bit of extra. I'm very happy about the result and the swift delivery! -

Thank you so much for your help, It was fast and awesome!!! We love it! -

Gary has done a GREAT job with the logo that I requested. I had this idea in my head, I expressed it to Gary and the expert went to work and brought it to life! Excellent work and I look forward to working with you in the near future. -

After one false start, Gary produced exactly the logo I had envisioned--in a reasonable amount of time. Because of the content I required within my logo (pictures within the letters), I won't be able to "rasterize" (increase its size) very much, but it's about the right size for my website anyway, so I have no complaints. -

Gary is a very friendly person to deal with. He did an amazing job designing our logo, and surpassed all expectations. We look forward to working with Gary on future projects to come. Thanks! -

“I've known Gary for about 7 years now I think, maybe longer. He is one of the best designers I know of.”

Jon @

“Wow..this guy kicks ass. Seriously. I gave him complete creative control over the design with just a little input and it came out better than I could have imagined.”


“I ordered two logos from Gary and he had them done the same day and they looked amazing. If you are considering a logo design, have him do it.”

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