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How to Make Money Online

The Ultimate Free Guide, by Gary Simon

Beneath, you will find a very elaborate guide (22,000 words) I personally wrote about making money online. I wrote it with the anticipation of selling it, but because I'm so giving, I decided to make it free (the same day I launched the version that cost money.)

So if you really want to learn how to make money online and quit your lame job, just read my guide and you will have a very good understanding of where and how to begin.

Table of Contents

How to Make Money Online

Forum / Blog Advertising

    You can advertise your website and gain traffic through both paid and unpaid means on forums and blogs.  Forums however differ from blogs.  A forum is a place where people can start conversations (threads) and others can participate in those threads by posting responses.  A blog is usually owned by one person and only that person can start create posts, and then others can make replies on those posts.

Forum Advertising

  • Unpaid Forum Advertising
    There are a couple ways to generate traffic from forums in a free manner.  First you can add your link (if the forum permits links in signatures) in your forum signature.  Your forum signature shows up at the bottom of every post you contribute to the forum.  This is good for SEO and for generating actual visitors.

    You can also generate traffic from forums in a free manner by posting your link either by starting new threads or posting responses to existing threads, but only when it makes sense and when it's relevant!  Otherwise, if you simply open threads promoting your site, you run the risk of being banned for spamming.

  • Paid Forum Advertising
    Most of all popular forums allow advertisers to advertise on them in one way or another.  This could be from a simple banner advertisement, to sponsoring specific forums.  In any case, if you look around enough you will be able to find a way to contact the owner of the forum to setup advertising.

Blog Advertising

  • Unpaid Blog Advertising
    The only way to generate traffic from other blogs is by posting your link in comments on specific blog posts.  The same issue of spam is presented in this case.  Only post your link if it makes sense and is relevant to the article and adds to the article.

  • Paid Blog Advertising
    Most blogs also offer ways to advertise on them.  Many of them use services specific to blog advertising which are mentioned below.

    You can advertise your website at this site by signing up as an advertiser.  It allows you to choose which blogs you want to advertise on.

    Another popular service where you can generate traffic as an advertiser.

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