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How to Make a Website

A complete guide for aspiring website designers

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Closing Comments

Whew, finally done!

The preceding sections outlined everything it takes to build a modern layout. If it seems like a lot, it's because it really is! The only way you can excel at this profession is through persistent work, and trial / error. Learning all of the tools in Photoshop, understanding effective design principles, learning HTML and CSS isn't the easiest or quickest thing in the world to do. But that's why I like helping people with free tutorials like this one.

It's also why I launched - I highly recommend it to all my visitors! Becoming a member means you gain access to a structured monthly course that teaches you how to do everything we just talked about, except in full video format. I also personally instruct each member and help them ultimately become successful designers. The investment is worth it, because I also teach you how to make money as a freelance designer!

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