Photoshop CS6 3D Tutorial – Magical 3D Tent Design

Video Tutorial:

Written Tutorial

1. Create a new document by going to File->New. Enter 850×600 for width and height.

2. Select a light blue foreground color for the foreground (#d0e5f1), create a new layer above the background layer.  Select the gradient tool and while holding shift, drag from the top of the document to the bottom to create the gradient background as shown above.

3. Change the foreground color to a darker blue (#0589d5), select the ellipse tool. Hold ALT + SHIFT and left click to drag out a sphere like above. This will serve as the 3D shape layer.

4. With the ellipse layer selected, go to 3D -> New 3D Extrusion from Selected Path.  Click on the new 3d object in the middle, and in the properties window, choose the Inflate shape preset (shown above).

5. With the object still selected, choose “Roll the 3D Object” for the 3D Mode: located on the upper right portion of the screen.  Roll the shape upwards along the X-Axis.

6. Under the properties panel, choose the Deform icon at the top, and change Taper to 160%, and Extrusion Depth to 173. Then choose the Cap icon and change Angle to 23 degrees and Strength to 42%.

7. In the 3D tab to the left of Layers, select Environment and use the “Rotate the 3D object” and move mode to adjust the scene as shown above.

8. Click on the white circular “Infinite light source 1″ icon and adjust the light source by dragging the smaller sphere around to match the image above.  Also click on “Environment” in the 3D panel and change the Shadows opacity to 20%.

9. Click on the Layers tab, and double click on the “Ellipse 1 Extrusion Material”.  A new document will open.  Go to “Image -> Canvas Size” and change the width to 1000px. Hit OK.  Go to View -> Show -> Grid.  Change the foreground color to red (#ff0000).  Select the Rectangle tool and draw out a single long rectangle as show above.

10. Duplicate the layers.  Then click back to the original document.  Your 3d object should match the one shown above.

11. Click on the 3d object, then the 3d tab.  Click on the Ellipse 1 Extrusion Material under the Ellipse group and under properties, change the Diffuse color to white.

12. Go to 3d -> Render.  It may take a few minutes to render completely.

13. Right click on the 3d ellipse layer and rasterize it.  This will remove the ability to edit the layer in 3d mode. Select the pen tool and change the mode from Shape to Path. Draw out 4 points starting just beneath the tent to create a door shape. Right click and select Make Selection and hit OK.  Then hit the delete key.

14. Select the brush tool, change the radius to 193. Change the foreground color to a near black. Create a new layer underneath the tent. Left click and drag a bit to create a shadow inside of the door as shown above.  Use the lasso tool to select and delete any of the shadow that extended outside of the tent, you can also use the eraser tool.

15. Download this free grass texture located here. Right click and copy image, then paste it just beneath the background gradient layer.  Use a large feathered eraser to create an image similar to the one shown above. Select the tent shadow layer we created and change the mode to Hard Light.

16. Select the pen tool and change back to Shape mode. Use the eyedropper tool to select the red color just above a red stripe above the door opening. With the pen tool, draw out a shape similar to the one shown above to serve as the door.

17. Create a new layer and check the checkbox to make it a clipping mask. With the pen tool, draw out lines to serve as the continuation of the red stripes of the door.  Make them appear natural and flow with the windy door. Use the eyedropper tool to closely match up the colors of stripes.

18. Change the foreground color to a near black and select the brush tool and change the radius to around 38. Create a new layer mask at the top and draw out a shadow to match image above.  Change the layer’s blend mode to Multiply and the opacity to around 46%.

19. Select the tent layer, and create a new layer mask above.  Select the brush tool with a radius of around 94.  Change the foreground color to a near black.  Draw along the bottom edge of the tent and change the layer to Multiply with an opacity of 50%.

20. Select the grass layer and create a new layer mask. With the brush tool, draw along the bottom edge of the tent. Change it to multiply and 52% opacity.

21. Create a new layer at the very top. Change the foreground color to white. Starting with a larger brush size, left click once several times to draw a few randomly placed sphere’s. Then drop down the brush size about 20%, and draw a few more.  Do this so that your image roughly matches the one above.

And that’s it!  As you can see, it’s fairly easy to create basic 3d shapes and make them look great within Photoshop.

I’ve gone ahead and played around with the background a little more to create a more full scene as seen here.  You can do anything you want with yours.  Share it here in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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