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How to Build an Online Store

If you have a physical product, you can sell it online.

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Online Stores, otherwise known as eCommerce establishments are shopping portals on the web that allow users to purchase items online and have them shipped to their residential address. Today, the world of eCommerce shopping has evolved into a multimillion dollar industry where it has provided a number of retailers, webmasters and affiliates a platform to make money from the online marketplace. Building an online store and releasing it to the web takes a lot of planning and precision. There are a few details that users need to finalize before building an online store. If you are a webmaster or retailer that is looking to sell your products online, it is best advised that you follow these steps for building your own online store.

  1. Understand your prospective clientele and find a niche you would be most comfortable using to sell your products.
  2. If you are selling patented products, you will first have to gain the reselling rights for those items so that you do not land in a soup. Building your own online store is relatively easy but if you have not taken care of the legalities involved, your business plan can backfire.
  3. You now have the option of registering the store. Buy a domain that you like with the name of the store. Remember to have a good name that customers can trust. For example, if you are selling sports shoes, a name like Sports Merchandise will be better than Peter’s Merchandise.
  4. Once you have the domain registered, the next step towards building your own online store is to get a shopping script on the portal. There are three options available here depending on what kind of store you are planning to start. If you are looking towards building an online store for basic sales, you can simply implement a payment processing cart such as the ones offered by PayPal and 2CheckOut. If you want a much better one with a complete cart system and account detail information, you will need to buy a professionally created cart such as xCart or FastSrping. If you are looking for an advanced shopping cart without investing, it is best to go for an open source solution such as DebianCart or OpenCart. The choices are endless.
  5. Once you get the script for your cart, install it on your localhost and test it out. Edit the necessary changes you want to the look and feel. Add logos and color wherever you want and give it a unique look.
  6. Now, copy all your edited files to your host and update the database. Till now, most of your work towards building an online store is done. All that is left for you to do is add the products and categories to the store and update them with their respective prices. Finalize building your own online store by tweaking with the payment and shipping methods. Add your terms of service, privacy policies and other data you desire to share and you are good to go.

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